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Our Team - roofing company in Seattle, WA
Founded in 1991, Kurt and Scott started their business on California Avenue SW in Seattle. This location was a half block away from where the brothers were born and raised on SW Findlay Street.

As the company grew, the brothers needed to expand and a new location was needed to help facilitate this growth. They also wanted to be able to offer better pricing to their customers by buying certain items in bulk, so they purchased a property that had both office space and a warehouse.
This new location was still about a mile from their previous office and childhood home. That property is located on Airport Way S in Seattle, just south of Spokane Street. It was unknown at the time that the adjacent property just east on the other side of the railroad tracks was previously owned by their great-grandparents. This was discovered only after their grandmother visited their new office space.

The brothers were very excited at this discovery. Similar to their previous office it was again located near a previous home of the family. It was just like coming home again, and their roofing company would conduct business adjacent to property associated with their family's legacy. They felt it was destiny. They determined that this will be the new home of the company indefinitely.
Our Team
At A Better Roofing Company, you are purchasing our team, beginning with our professional and courteous office staff and roofing consultants to the truck drivers that set and remove our dumpsters with care and precision.

We also recognize that our experienced supervisors and our General Manager, who has more than 35 years of experience, oversees all our projects, giving them that "second look."

Our goal is to do 1 thing and do it better than anyone else. Our specialty is residential re-roofing with composition. This is what we do. You are purchasing a team that is extremely knowledgeable with these products, how they are installed, and the best way to protect 1 of your greatest investments, your home, throughout the roofing process.

What this means to you is that you get consistency that can only be achieved through years of knowledge, training, and perfecting a specific product, asphalt composition shingles, within a specific, residential industry.
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