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As featured by KOMO's Herb Weisbaum - the Consumer Advocate:
"Checkbook rated 24 local roofing companies. 8 got perfect scores for overall satisfaction. A BETTER ROOFING in Seattle... GOT A PERFECT SCORE!!" Quoted from a Story Published: Apr 29, 2005. To read the entire story click here.
We Are Licensed, Bonded, & Insured
A contractor's bond and insurance protects you, the homeowner. Make sure the contractor of your choice is licensed, bonded, and insured. Our Contractor's License #: BETTERC 052 DT.

License Verification
Contact Washington State Contractor's License Verification at 1-800-647-0982 or visit them online.
Roofing contractor working with air nail gun — Quality Roofing in Seattle, WA
Washington State Department of Labor & Industries
Here is a partial excerpt from the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries Resource Guide / Checklist for Homeowners, available online.
Be Wary of Contractors Who:
  • Offer a Special Price Only If You Sign Today or Use Other High-Pressure Sales Techniques
  • Accept Only Cash, Require Large Deposits, or the Entire Cost up Front, or Ask You to Make the Payment in Their Name
  • Offer Exceptionally Long Warranties
  • Give You an Offer That Sounds "Too Good to be True"
Unscrupulous Contractors
Unfortunately, this is exactly what some unscrupulous contractors do on a regular basis, leaving a trail of disappointment and destruction in their wake. A Better Roofing Company does not use gimmicks or high-pressure sales tactics, and the Owners Quality Guarantee promises that you will pleased before you've even given us a single penny.

Manufacturer's Specifications
Our work is performed according to manufacturer's specifications from start to finish. This is important to you because it guarantees that if a problem ever arises with the product of your choice, the manufacturer will stand behind it and compensate you accordingly. To obtain a list of these specifications or the manufacturer's warranty, please ask, or visit the manufacturers online by visiting the links below.
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